B2B Marketers: 

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Using Multi-Touch Attribution to Make the Most of Your Ad Spend

“Attribution’s platform helps marketers to know the true return on ad spend so they can optimize their scarce dollars to generate the best outcomes.” 

About the Webinar


With a complex and lengthy B2B buying journey, how can you truly know which marketing touches and channels are really working and which ones need to go?

During our 30-minute webinar experts from Quora and Attribution will share insights on:

Why Quora Ads are an ideal solution for B2B marketers

Why multi-touch attribution is essential for connecting B2B marketing to revenue outcomes

How to easily track and compare true ROI among your online advertisers 

How to use multi-touch attribution insight to optimize your return on ad spend 

- Brendan L. Weitz, GM & Head of Partnerships at Quora

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Ryan Koonce

CEO, Attribution

Brendan Weitz

Head of Partnerships, Quora