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Thibaut Davoult

Growth Engineer, Livestorm

“With Attribution we're always confident there is no grey area about where our users came from, what they cost us and how much money we made.”

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Rewire your attribution for modern marketing.

Attribution connects to disparate data from all your marketing touches and applies multi-touch attribution models to accurately assign revenue and cost credit so you can see a complete view of your marketing performance to optimize spending and maximize revenue. 

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Connect every marketing touch to revenue
Using out-of-the-box integrations and UTC tracking to auto-sync your leads and opportunities to any on or offline channel or campaign sources.
Through multi-touch attribution models and a cohort-based method to precisely allocate revenue, conversion, and cost for any touch channel, or account-based effort.
Assign credits to every marketing touch
With automatic reconciling and granular auditing of revenue and cost credits to preempt duplicate or missing values and verify everything adds up to 100%
Ensure 100% attribution reporting fidelity

Run a better marketing operation.

Attribution solves the pain of single touch / source attribution and empowers your marketers to become multi-touch attribution champions while giving you the peace of mind of knowing your teams are focusing on what matters most.

Single-touch attribution isn’t just frustrating—it’s misleading. Attribution brings multi-touch attribution insight together in one place to give you the data you need to optimize budgets and revenue.

Attribution gives everyone the ability to organize and visualize around the information they care about in a way that makes sense to them. The result? Data-driven marketers who act like mini CMOs.

Operate on a single source of attribution truth.

Empower your people to deliver more with less.

“Attribution is super helpful to be able to segment and drill down by channel (Facebook, Google, search), campaigns + assets, paths, and UTMs. After we spent a few minutes defining all our channels we had a full-picture of where we spent and made money.” 

Paul Benigeri

VP of Growth & Engineering

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88% say that Attribution meets their business’ requirements

Attribution ranked #1 for ease of setup, ease of use, ease of admin, and ease of doing business in G2 Grid© report for attribution software.

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