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Rewire you attribution for modern B2B SaaS marketing.

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Love that Attribution only does one thing and does it so well. No gimmick. No non-sense. Clear and simple solution to track our attribution metrics.

Inadequacies and negative consequences of today’s attribution analytics in dealing with the rigors of modern B2B SaaS marketing

CMO’s are on the hook to efficiently scale recurring revenue, while improving the cost of acquiring customers. But most are painfully handicapped in getting the data they need to optimize spend and maximize revenue. In this playbook, you’ll learn the:

Critical capabilities of an attribution approach that’s wired for B2B SaaS marketing to give you the true impact of all your touches over a lengthy and complex buying journey 

How attribution fits in your marketing stack and a 4-step cheat sheet to start your multi-touch attribution journey to solve this pervasive pain and give you the data you need

G2 Crowd Honors Us for Easy Setup and Fast Implementation

Ranked #1 on the Attribution Implementation Index, Attribution won awards for offering the easiest setup with the shortest go live time in its category.